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Building Plan Approval

PROCEDURE FOR OBTAINING BUILDING PLAN APPROVAL An applicant should have a valid right of occupancy in respect of the area under application and submit same.

Buiding Regulation of 1988

KANO STATE URBAN DEVELOPMENT (BUILDING) REGULATIONS 1988 Kano State of Nigeria Gazelle No. 2, Volume 22, 23rd July, l988~Supplement Part B. ARRANGEMENT OF REGULATIONS

Customer Obligations

While it is a citizen’s right to expect good service from Kano State Urban Planning and Development Authority and equally the citizens right to complain if these services are not received. Our expectations from the public are as follows:





Our Vision

To be at the forefront in city planning, development and beautification in Nigeria equal to similar Authorities in any part of the world.

Our Mission

To practice sustainable city management through effective and efficient planning and development control of activities in all urban area of the State that will ensure orderly development and improve aesthetic values of our cities

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Kano State Bureau For Land Management. Dr Bala Muhaammed Road, Kano

Bureau For Land Management

Kano Geographic Information System. Dr Bala Muhammad Road. Kano


Other Federal and State Government Ministries, organizations, Departments and Agencies.

Other State and Federal MDAs

All 44 Local Governments in Kano State

Local Governments

Kano Electricity Distribution Company


Media and Corporate organizations

MEDIA and Corporate

Non-governmental organization and Other Community organizations.


Private Land Developers, corporate and Individuals

Private Land Developers

Training and research institutions


All Urban Developers concerns

Urban Developers

Regional and International Agencies/ Development Partners

Agencies and development Partners

Everyone interested in urban plannings


We are committed to ensuring sustainable urban planning and development through a socially inclusive planning and control of development in the metropolis and all other designated urban centers of the State as well as provision of proper infrastructure and city beautification in the State. We will encourage active participation of public in our service delivery through regular sensitization and awareness raising campaigns on proper use of land and development procedures and clients’ right and obligations.

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