As one of the regular functional and practical in the Planning Authority, the department is headed by an Architect.  It has a collection of building professionals like; Architects; Quantity Surveyors; Builders, Structural Engineers; and other building technicians.

Functions of The Department:
  • Processing of building plan applications for approval on any land activity with the Building Regulation.
  • Handles all Architectural Design for the Authority and some state government projects, Prepare Bill of Quantities for direct labour building project.
  •  Supervise Building projects awarded by the Authority OR any other governmental/organizational building project that require our services.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of all the Authority’s fixed assets.
  • Provide consultancy services to various government organizations on small and medium projects.
Departmental Units:

The department has three (3) basic units: namely

  •  Building Permission

This unit is headed by the Deputy Director and its function is purely processing of applications  for building plan approval/permit submitted to the Authority by individuals; companies;entrepreneurs; cooperation: industrialize or any legal land document holder.

  •  Design of Consultancy

is headed by an Architect and is responsible for the designing of all proposed building project by the Authority.  It also renders consultancy services to any government organization willing to consult or execute a building project.

  • Maintenance

It’s headed by a Quantity Surveyors and it maintain the Authority’s buildings, electrical works, plumbing works and general maintenance.


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