The Charter contains information on the scope and service of Kano State Urban Planning and development Authority (KNUPDA). The level of services that a citizen can expect, the right responsibilities of the public and how citizen can contact the authority to seek further information or make a complaint.


The history of Kano State Urban Planning and Development Authority (KNUPDA) dates back to 1962 when the greater Kano Planning and Developing Board was established primarily to ensure the orderly physical development of Kano township. However, it was renamed metropolitan Kano Planning and Development Board in 1969. Then In 1976, the Kano State Urban Development board was created and Sequel to the establishment of Federal Environmental protection Agency (FEPA) at federal level in 1989 gave birth to Kano State Environmental planning and Protection Agency (KASEPPA) in 1990. Following the creation of the Ministry of Environment in 1999, the functions of Environment protection was transferred to the Ministry of Environment, this leads to renaming of the Authority to Kano State Urban Planning and Development Authority (KNUPDA) in the year 2011 vide state edict No. 1 of 2012.

KNUPDA presently consists of seven departments to effectively discharge its responsibilities; these are Admin & Personnel Architecture, Engineering, Development Control, Finance and Supply, Urban Centers and Urban Planning. In addition, there are Data Bank, Internal Audit, Information and Survey Units.


Sustainability- Sustainable Urban Development is our goal

Professionalism- we believe in a well-trained and highly motivated workforce

Transparency- Transparency in the conduct of our activities/duties is our prime concern

Functionality- Provision of effective/functional urban utilities and services in relation to harmonious land and uses in our urban areas and synergy between MDA’s biased in urban development is our major concern

Beautification- Ensuring aesthetic and beauty in our urban scape

Standardization- The use of physical planning guidelines, standard and building codes is our pride


Service Delivery Standard                       CUSTOMER OBLIGATION