Service Delivery Commitments

We are committed to ensuring sustainable urban planning and development through a socially inclusive planning and control of development in the metropolis and all other designated urban centers of the State as well as provision of proper infrastructure and city beautification in the State. We will encourage active participation of public in our service delivery through regular sensitization and awareness raising campaigns on proper use of land and development procedures and clients’ right and obligations.


Customer Obligations

While it is a citizen’s right to expect good service from Kano State Urban Planning and Development Authority and equally the citizens right to complain if these services are not received. Our expectations from the public are as follows:

  • Desist from developing land or erecting any structure prior to the Authority’s approval
  • Make a formal Complaint to the Authority when lands are illegally encroached upon
  • Pay stipulated charges (processing, betterment or approval as the case may be)
  • Treat KNUPDA staff with courtesy and respect

We will regularly monitor the service delivery commitments set out in this Charter to assess our performance for service improvement. This will be through quarterly progress report and we promise to review our service standards yearly to ensure they meet up with the expectations of our customers.

We shall undertake performance assessment of our delivery standards periodically and publish the results in our annual report. The results will be used improve on our services accordingly.


We value feedback on the quality of our services to help us improve, we welcome comments, suggestions as well as complaints from all residents in Kano state and we will make available various channels for our clients to give us feedback as stated in our contacts us form. The form is at the right pane! Thanks

In the Event that a client is not satisfied, Please contact our servicom Unit Or Contact The Bureau for Land Management Department of Complaints, Investigation and Verification (DCIV).

If Still not satisfied, an aggrieved client can contact the state independent dispute resolution body i.e. Public Complaints and Anti-corruption Commission Via:

No 224, Sabo Bakin zuwo Road Nassarawa GRA. Kano

PMB 3122 Kano.