The Development Control Department derived its functions from Kano State Urban Planning and Development Authority (KNUPDA) Law 2011 [433AH] Part ll Section 10, Sub-section 2(b) “It shall be the duty of the Authority to control the development and use of land in an urban area”.

This is more clearified where it takes charge of all control or management in a standard provided by Town Planning Law 1991 and Bye Laws or Building Regulations of 1988 for Kano Metropolis i.e The 8 Local Governments Areas designated as Metropolitan Area. Any structure constructed without permission of the Authority either temporary or permanent will be sanctioned according to the Law, which is the basic function of the department.


Establishment of the Department was late 1999 and is among the Eight [8] Departments of the Authority and was earlier a unit of department from Urban Planning Department. From the onset, to date, seven directors have managed the Department with Arc. Sani Ibrahim Khalil as the pioneer acting Director from 1999 — 2000, TPL Hamza Madaki Tayyub 2000 – 2003, Alhaji Lawan Wudilawa 2003 — 2009, TPL Bala Abdullahi Pogo 2009 – 2012, Arc Sani lbrahim Khalil 2012 — 2014i, and Alhaji Uba Usman 2014 — 2015. The current Director is Arc. Nasiru Adamu Minjibir 2017 to date.

Mandate Of The Department

The following are the activities mandate of the Department:-
i. Identifying and prosecuting of Building without Approval.
ii. identifying and prosecuting Contravention or Alteration of Building Plan Approval. .
iii. Monitoring of Building Plan Approvals granted to ensure strict compliance.
iv. Identifying and prosecuting of Unilateral Conversion Land.
v. Controlling illegal layouts [Awon lgiya)
vi. Receive petitions from both corporate bodies and public in respect of building development.
vii. Removal of constructed structures or encroachments into public land or individual without permission of the Authority.
viii Taking possession and clearing of acquired properties for Government Projects.
ix.Control of approved proposed land use developments from Urban Planning Department.
x. Controlling erection of Billboard and Telecommunication Masts.

xi. Controlling, prevention and removal of posters posted on street light post, road barricades, Walls and other structures.

Charting And Office Record

These are two Units under Development Control and are vital pre-requisites for the survival of the Authority’s functions and records. Generally, the department operations depend mostly on the record office and charting records.

Departmental Zonal Structures

The department is divided into four zones each headed by a Zonal Officer who report to the deputy Director and then to the Director.  These zones are based on the eight Local Government Areas of the metropolis which are:~

Dala and Municipal Zone l
Fagge and Nasarawa Zone
Ungogo and Gwale Zone; and
Kumbotso and Tarauni Zone.
Each zone is subdivided into 2 i.e. each Local Government subdivision headed by a Coordinator . While each Coordinator has Sector Officers reporting cases of their sectors.

Arc. Nasir Minjibir