The main function of the civil/Mechanical Engineering Department is to provide with basic infrastructure (Roads, Culverts, Bridges and Drainage) in urban areas to planning standard and ensure safety, economy and aesthetic


Civil/Mechanical Engineering Department has been in existence since the creation of the Authority in1962. The  Kano State Urban Planning and Development Authority (KNUPDA) experience changes of names from GREATER KANO PLANNING AUTHORITY which was established to primarily ensure the orderly physical development of Kano Township. it was then renamed METROPOLITAN KANO PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT BOARD (UDB) in 1969. Following the socioeconomic and physical growth as well as political importance of some other towns in the former Kano State, the organization further witnessed some changes both in its name and responsibilities. Thus in 1976, the defunct KANO STATE URBAN DEVELOPMENT, BOARD (UDB) was created to plan and provide infrastructural facilities necessary for healthy and orderly development of all the designated designated urban centers in the State.
Sequel to the establishment of Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) by the Federal Government 1989 and the subsequent directives to all State Government to establish similar bodies that would be responsible for environmental protection pollution control activities, Kano State swiftly decided to restructure and enlarge the function and jurisdiction of the former UDB. lt was against the background that Edict No.15 of 1990 was promulgated and hence changed the name of the organization to Kano State Environmental planning and protection agency (KASEPPA). Apart from continuing with all the functions hitherto undertaken by the defunct UDB, KASEPPA was also given the additional duties of Environmental Protection which incliuded refuse disposal, ecological disaster, pollution control etc.

Following the creation of ministry of Environment in –1999. the Environmental protection and pollution control activities was transferred to the Ministry. returning the Agency to its former status quo of planning and provision of infrastructures in the designated Urban Centers of the State.

However in the year 2005, the state government Changed the name of the Agency KANO URBAN PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (KNUPDA), vide circular Number SSG/AGS/S/R/46/T.III/2B of 13/6/05 with a view to avoid duplication of functions.

Mandate Of The Department
  • Execute projects such as Roads and Drainage through Direct Labour.
  • Supervises and certified all protects awarded to Civil Engineering Firms by the State Government in Kano Metropolitan Areas and other designated Urban Centers.
  • Handle the daily routine maintenance of roads in Kano Metropolitan Area
  • The Department handles the maintenance of the Authority’s Plants, Machines, Generators and Light Vehicles.
  • Approved road cuttings and other activities around the right of way.
  • Control and approve Right of the way permit for laying fiber cable and other installations to Communication.

Engr Nura Kabara