Urban Centers


The Department of Urban Centers was created in 2008 as a result of Government desire to make positive impacts on physical growth and development of all the designated Urban Centers of the State so as ameliorate the negative impacts of Kano Primate City phenomena resulting in massive rural urban migration due to infrastructural deficiency outside Kano Metropolis. Over rest of the town ships, the main goal of the department is to provide planning advise to Local Government Council for orderly physical development of Local Government Headquarters outside Kano Metropolis.

  • Planning permissions on proposed public and private development in the Urban Centres.
  • General development control activities in Urban Centres.
  • Advise to Local Governments Councils on general physical planning activities in designated Urban Centres.
  • Preparation of layouts, subject plans, detail survey of existing towns etc.
  • Submissions and collection of building plan applications on both private and public development for onward submission to Architecture Department for necessary approvals.
  • Participation in the Land Advisory Committees in the Local Government Councils through advice on land allocations layout implementation, identification of roads and drainage projects, settlement of land disputes.
  • Conducting general physical planning, on social – economic and spato- physical research and investigations in all designated Urban Centres for the attainment of set goals.
  • Any other assignment given to the department by the Managing Director.

Alh Isyaku Umar