The main function of the urban planning department is to provide the order upon which various land uses should be sited and utilized base on the provision of the master plan, planning standards and concepts so as to ensure safety and convenience of the residents as Well as effective utilization of land.


Urban planning department has been in existence since 1962 to date. The authority (KNUPDA) experiences series change of names from Kano Integrated Planning Authority (KIPA) 1962, Metropolitan Planning Board (MPB) 1969, Urban Development Board (UDB) 1976,: Kano State Environmental Planning and Protection Agency (KASEPPA), 1990, and Kano State Urban Planning and Development Authority ( ) from 2005 to date. Though, the department was formerly called Town Planning Department until 1999, it still maintains its role as the pivot upon which all functions of the Authority revolves.

Mandate of the Department
  • Planning permission/recommendation in  respect of application for Right of Occupancy, frontage beautification (landscaping and interlocking), car wash, borehole, generator sheds, canopies, viewing centers, communication masts, billboards and renewals.
  •  Provision of plans and details information for engineering works and others.
  • Preparation/designing of plan (base maps, detail survey, site plans, master plan, structure plans etc).
  • Provision of public facilities (e.g. public convenience, corner shops recreational facilities, public parking, car wash etc).
  • Archives keeping in terms of base maps, UTM sheets, layout plans, site plans etc.
Departmental Units
  • Planning Permission Section
  • Design Section
  • Archives / Assessment Unit
  • Survey Unit.

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